About us

Exclusive Representatives for manufacturers of instrumentation SINCE 1989


WOA-TemPress offers sales support in Washington, Oregon, Alaska as well as parts of Idaho and Montana. 

TemPress Associates was formed in 1989 and acquired by Steve Beals in 2001. Steve has over 30 years of experience in management as well as over 20 years in engineering and sales. He has extensive knowledge of computer systems and applications, and recently retired from the US Navy and Navy Reserve after 30 years of service.

Tom McCullough founded WOA Controls in 2004 after more than 30 years working in engineering and sales. His previous work experience includes inside and outside sales at Gilson Engineering for 8 years. He founded Temco in 1983, which he owned and managed for nearly 20 years before selling to a group of key employees. 

WOA Controls and TemPress Associates merged in early 2012 to form WOA-TemPress.  Tom has since retired.

Bruce Gerhardt joined the team soon after that. Prior to joining the WOA team, he worked with Technical Controls/SeaPort Controls/Valin Corp for 18 years as customer service supervisor (10 years) and outside sales (8 years).  He also spent 9 years in the US Army Reserve specializing in communication.

The result is a company that provides principals and customers with unequaled product and territory coverage.

 WOA-TemPress is more than just a sales organization. Customers have grown to rely on its vast experience and the product knowledge of its personnel. We have over 20 years of experience in applications and products. These "lessons learned" are shared and applied to specific customer applications to achieve maximum results.