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With an average of 15-plus years of experience, our expert staff can recommend and deliver the best products and services to solve our customers’ application needs and improve their bottom lines. We have special expertise in technical sales, process control, and project engineering.

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Exclusive Representatives for manufacturers of instrumentation SINCE 1989


Flow, level, pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, process steam composition, pressure relief, explosion protection, infrared temperature, sulfur recovery, emissions monitoring, hazardous gas monitoring

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WOA-TemPress strives to be a superior Independent Manufacturer's Representative Firm working with the finest instrumentation and process equipment available; whose cutting edge technology will take our Customers through the 21st Century. Our highly trained Sales Engineers will recognize opportunities to solve the engineering challenges of our customers in the process equipment and instrumentation fields. We promise to provide swift and timely service, credibility and practical solutions that are imperative to the satisfaction of our Customers and Principals we represent.